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Over the last several decades a large number of small faith-based Eucharistic communities have arisen throughout the United States and internationally.  Many of these communities have their roots in the Roman Catholic Church’s Second Vatican Council.  Some still are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, many are not.  Some are comprised largely of Roman Catholics who may or may not claim a connection with the Roman branch of Catholicism as it is led by the present hierarchy.  Other communities, while still celebrating the Liturgy of the Eucharist according to their Catholic heritage, are more Ecumenical in their make-up. 


Spirit of Life Community

Confirmation at Easter Vigil

These communities are a dynamic part of the larger Church.  Many are living out the changes being called for by Catholics throughout the world.  They may be served by male or female, married or single priests.  They are inclusive communities welcoming all to Christ ’s table including many rejected by church officials:  divorced and remarried Catholics, people of different sexual orientation, and people of other faith traditions.
St. Mary of Magdala Church is an Ecumenical Catholic Community on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Because we are a vacation spot many people visit with us each summer, and increasing numbers of them have asked where they might find a community like ours near to where they live.
This website has been established and is maintained as a service by the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of New England to help meet that need. It serves as a portal to locate small Eucharistic Communities in your home area or when you are traveling.The communities listed are Eucharistic communities with roots in a Catholic heritage.  For specifics about any of the communities listed on this site please communicate with the contact person listed or visit the community's website via the link provided.

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